A tour of The Ohio State University

The Ohio State University is a land grant university that is located in Columbus, Ohio. The university is world renowned and students come from all around the world to attend this school. The opportunity is endless at Ohio State because of the wide variety of majors from business to medical. In addition to the many academic choices there are many different kinds of extracurricular activities like sports and clubs.
The official college tour begins at the Ohio State Student Union. This is a place where a student can do many different activities. A student could study, hang out with friends, or eat any meal of the day. The Student Union is basically the student center of the campus and is place any student should get used to. There is also a great photo opportunity with a statue of Brutus the Buckeye, the school’s mascot, within the Student Union.
After leaving the student Union the tour continues by walking around the campus. The campus is unlike any other because of the combination of a college campus and city like atmosphere. The Ohio State University is in the heart of the city of Columbus but it seems to be in its own little world. While walking on the campus, it does not seem that you are in the city but on a typical college campus.
One of the most iconic buildings on campus is Ohio Stadium. This is the football stadium and it gets filled every Saturday during football season. Supporting any of the school’s athletic teams is one of the most fun activities to do while on a college campus.
Another important thing to do is to study for any of one’s college exams and the perfect place to do that is at the library. The library has a wide variety of digital and in hand books to help write papers and is always open. This gives the students a great place for late night studying when they want to leave their dorm. On the way out of the library there is a bust of the former president of the campus, William Oxley Thompson, and what students do is rub his head for good luck.
All college campuses need a place to sit down and enjoy some good food and Ohio State has many options to choose from. One of the ones that stand out is Buckeye Donuts. This donut shop is unique and makes great homemade donuts. This is a popular spot to be at for students and alumni.
The Ohio State campus is a great atmosphere to experience. It has a combination of an urban city and a college town which gives a different aspect on the college experience. There are many things to do to enjoy life in college and the opportunity is endless. The Ohio State University ranks highly in many of the pillars needed for a successful campus and is great choice for any student.

This is the Ohio State Student Union. This is where students can study, eat, or just hang out.

This is where the Ohio State Buckeyes play many of their sporting events but many usually come here for football. The stadium is also nicknamed the Horseshoe because of the unique shape to it.

Buckeye Donuts is a fan favorite place to go to for breakfast on campus. There is a wide variety of homemade donuts that are sure to start your day off great.