The Kardashian Effect (Klhloe, Kourtney, Kylie); Getty Images (Kim, Kendall) from (Klhloe, Kourtney, Kylie); from Getty Images (Kim, Kendall)

The Kardashian-Jenners have continued to manipulate the body image of women for over a decade, and they won’t stop now. 

Because images of the Kardashian sisters infest all aspects of pop culture, women are repeatedly bombarded with the repercussions occurring in their minds, making them feel like they don’t measure up. Worldwide beauty standards revolve around the infamous band of sisters, and women around the globe may find it impossible not to compare themselves to their notorious plastic bodies.  

Millions of supporters are dying to mimic every crevasse and curve of Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie, regardless of the fact that they are the world’s most controversial band of sisters. Whatever the Kardashians do, we eat it up. 

There’s no denying that the Kardashians are the leading ladies of pop culture. Their exploitation of dirty-diaper-like behinds and becoming botched before graduating high school drives the normal woman’s desire of an hourglass figure way out of proportion. In fact, this look is practically the poster child of what every woman wants to achieve, but not everyone has the money to go under the knife. 

In mid-2015, the youngest sister of the bunch, Kylie Jenner, admitted to having lip fillers after continuously denying allegations. What led her to address the truth was a widespread craze of young girls sucking bottles and shot glasses to mimic her praised pout. After several cases of busted, bruised, and split mouths were treated across the nation, Kylie took to Twitter to say she’s “not here to try and encourage people/young girls to look like me”. Perhaps the Kardashians underestimate their influence, or they just use it to their advantage and top it off with a mediocre apology. 

A survey conducted by In Style has found that “71% of women and 67% of girls think that the media needs to do a better job at portraying women of diverse physical appearance, age, race, shape, and size.” When the sisters flaunt their curves and high cheek bones on a daily basis, it can be detrimental to viewers’ self-esteem, and it can lead them to an unescapable battle with their bodies. Many women will strive to somehow achieve their signature figure without realizing the severity of the procedures they have undergone in order to get to that point. When one Kardashian flaunts, one million women look in the mirror and feel like they don’t measure up. 

There’s no way to completely erase the band of sisters from the face of the planet, nor all of the trends they have started. The only way to quarantine those affected by this plague is to support a wider diversity of all body shapes, colors, and sizes without favoring one over the other. Especially at this day in age, it is easy to twist and turn the context of ‘body positivity’. Many claim they are being body positive while they praise curvaceous women, but proceed to shame those on the lighter side as if they are the enemy. In a way, this praise is extremely hypocritical because the purpose of being accepting to all body types is to, well, accept each and every one, right? 

Regardless of their validity, the more people that keep the Kardashians’ names in their mouths, the more money they will rake in.