Saying farewell to the senior class

Bobby Rodenbeck
Jared Lazor
Frankie Richetti
Cole McLaughlin

Saying goodbye to the seniors.

Last Friday was the last day of high school for the senior class at Seneca Valley. Although there was much excitement there was also some sad feelings as well.  As the graduates say goodbye to the faculty, staff, and younger friends many people get choked up. Justin Bisehouse, who carpooled every day with a junior for the past school year says “he will miss the   time he spent with his friend. He’ll miss the inside jokes and constant fun they had in the car.” Justin told a story of how some mornings the two would have lightsaber fights in the dark before first bell, in the parking lot.

Students aren’t the only ones the seniors will miss. There are a great amount of wonderful teachers who will be missed by the graduating class. Justin also talked about how he will miss spending time with a teacher who became friends with Mr. Wolf. Justin said “I’ll miss the conversations we’d have, as well as the lessons he taught me.” Another teacher who has made a great impact on his students is Mr. Mcosky who teaches film classes at SV. Tyler Dansisin who has taken many classes with Mr. Mcosky says “he will continue to stay in contact with Mr. M, and hope to work on future film projects together.  It would be a good prediction to say that this year at graduation, as the seniors walk the stage there will be an overall feeling of accomplishment. Not only by the students who worked to get there, but also by those who worked to help guide them there.