Students across country plan nation-wide gun law protest

Parkland, Florida – Amid the horrific events that took place weeks ago at Stoneman Douglas High School, students are deciding to approach protesting stricter gun regulations in a peaceful manner, by getting up from their desks and walking out of school. Starting with the survivors of the massacre, moving towards nation-wide.

Some kids, however, are being told by their schools that they are forbidden to participate in said event, as it distracts and interrupts education. The small setback is not causing any real effect on the protest, as it is a very peaceful approach to an otherwise touchy subject.

Survivors and families are hoping to get enough participants to get the government to evaluate gun laws and come to a change that helps prevent future shootings from occurring.

The national school walkout will take place on March 14th, one month after the Parkland tragedy. At 10 a.m. every time zone, students are advised to peacefully rise from their desks, exit their classrooms, walk outside the building and sit for 17 minutes as a tribute to the victims of Parkland, any past shooting, families and a change in gun laws. The organizers feel that this is the least chaotic way of getting the word out that change is indeed necessary, before history sadly repeats itself.

It all started when the Women’s March noticed victims of Florida were protesting returning to school, when they themselves decided to take it one step further and make this a concern for the entire country. Activists have grown sick and tired of people posting condolences on social media, saying a prayer to their god, then brushing off the situation, only to wait for the next school shooting to come along. They’re getting the word out with Twitter posts, as well as trending the hashtag #ENOUGH! hoping to get the word out to every school in the United States.

Seeing just how effective this may turn out is still unclear. Activists are hoping this is the extra push that unites the victims of these attacks, as well as anyone who believes in stricter gun laws, to fight Congress and end gun violence once and for all.